The Newark Redliners Motorcycle Club

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 OUR HISTORY - The Redliners Motorcycle Club inc. was founded in Newark, NJ in 1991 after the tragic motorcycle accident of Lance Owens, brother of renowned rap artist & Redliner member Queen Latifah. 

The idea of the club was to promote safety while riding and to enhance the riding skills of the riders.  The concept of the Redliner name was based on the fact that there were approximately 100 plus members & each member was known for riding their motorcycle with great skill & high speeds in the red zone of the tachometer.

The Redliners became a state registered non-profit corporation in 1993.  This began a trend for many up and coming motorcycle clubs to follow.  We began to give organized events such as parties, poker runs, charity runs & club cookouts.  Trophies  were awarded to many clubs and many were received by our club for participating in other club events for showmanship of our motorcycle skills or custom bikes.

In 1999 the Redliners hosted the 1st Urban Sport Bike meeting in Newark, NJ.  This meeting brought together 50 plus clubs from the Tri-State area.  In this meeting issues regarding the NAACP boycott of Myrtle Beach, SC were dealt with & many new clubs were introduced & older established clubs had a chance to familiarize  themselves with each other. We have hosted club presidents meetings where we have invited several AMA representatives to speak and advise local clubs in our community on how to become legal and active in the American Motorcycle Association.  The AMA has guided us in the right direction when dealing with issues regarding legislation of specific motorcycle laws.

The Redliners consists of male and female riders.  Our members ride and own both sport bikes & cruisers.  We are a diverse group of different races & cultures with members consisting of professionals, business owners & those in law enforcement capacities.

We are a community-based organization and we are called upon to speak at different venues to promote safety and leadership in the community.

                             WILL, President            SPYDER, Vice President

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